Carlos Fernández-Varela

Carlos Fernández-Varela

Is an adjunct Professor of Auditing at Fordham University's Gabelli School of Business in New York. He has held significant leadership roles in the United States and Latin America. He has built and directed high-performing age-diverse teams and advised senior leaders of global companies with operations in the Telecom, Consumer Products, Multilateral Development Banks, Manufacturing and Energy industries. Mr. Fernandez-Varela has a deep knowledge of the Latin American business culture and practices.

He has been a Board Member in one of KPMG's Latin American firms, and has successfully embraced both an advisory role and a business development leadership role, generating in the latter large increases in revenue, profitability and client base that surpassed targets and owners' expectations. He is highly focused on quality and has a client-centric approach.

Mr. Fernandez-Varela has provided advisory support in SEC regulations, accounting, and other technical issues to top management and BODs of foreign private issuers (FPIs) listed in the U.S. capital market or in their IPO phase. He has developed comprehensive knowledge and expertise in accounting, auditing, risk management, audits of internal controls, U.S. GAAP, PCAOB Standards, and IFRS. He is bicultural and fluent in Spanish and English with a professional proficiency in Portuguese.

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El 16 de marzo pasado, tuve el privilegio de presentar a los estudiantes de postgrado del curso de auditoria Interna de la Escuela de Negocios Dolan de Fairfield University una visión particular sobre cómo se percibe el rol de los auditores internos desde la perspectiva y visibilidad de un auditor externo.